Armenian National Academic Choir


January 23, 1929

Istanbul, Turkey

Armenian, French, Russian, Turkish


Distinguished conductor, musician and composer.

Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of The State Academic Choir of Armenia since 1961. Ohannes Tchekidjian performed in 184 major cultural centres of the world including Paris, London, New York, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and also in various cities of the world. All 69 first-class symphonic orchestras, including The Academic State Symphonic Orchestra of the USSR, The Academic Symphonic Orchestra of St.Petersburg, Orchestra of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater have been on the stage under the direction of Maestro Tchekidjian.

He had 869 Concerts outside of Armenia (abroad).

Ohannes Tchekidjian, as a composer, has unique musical compositions, vocal symphonies such as “The Poem Spring Reveries and Holiday Ode “.

The recording company “Melodia” distributed a number of recordings by many outstanding Symphonic Orchestras of the USSR and The State Academic Choir of Armenia under the direction of Ohannes Tchekidjian.

One of the recordings has awarded “Grand Prix “ in Paris, in 1978.

CDs titled LITURGIE ARMENIENNE (produced in Canada) and

LITURGY of KOMITAS (produced in Moscow)

Delight music lovers all over the world.


1934-1941 Mkhitaryan School, Istanbul
1941-1947 French College of Saint Michel
1944-1951 Faculty of Conductors at The Istanbul Conservatory
1947-1951 The branch of Vienna College, Istanbul
1951-1953 Paris Ecole Normale de Musique, lectured by professor Jean Fournet, the Principal Conductor of the Paris Opera House. Also attended the Institute of Chemistry, got diploma in Chemical Engineering
1958-1961 Postgraduate courses at the Istanbul Conservatory


Has never been a member of a Political Party at any  time


1975-1980 Member of Parliament of Supreme Council of Armenian SSR
1979-1984 Member of Parliament of Supreme Council of the USSR
1980-1990 Member of Parliament of Supreme Council of Armenian SSR


1944-1951 Conductor of the Duryan Choir, Istanbul
1955-1961 Founder of the Tchekidjian Choir
1958-1961 Musical director of the stage of The Istanbul Opera
1960-1961 Artistic director and Chief Conductor of The State Choir, Istanbul
1961-present Moved to Armenia and since then has been working with The State Academic Choir of Armenia as the Artistic Director & Chief Conductor. The Choir was awarded the Academic title in 1969 and the Honoured title in 1975. By the special governmental order National Status in 2012
1975-present Working at Komitas State Conservatory, Yerevan.  Professorship from High Attestation Commission of USSR since 1982.
1982-1987 General Director of Spendiaryan Academic State Theatre of Opera & Ballet, Yerevan

world tours out of the ussr

1964 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
1966 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
1967 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
1969 Lithuania
1971 Lithuania
1974 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
1974 France, Lebanon
1976 Latvia
1979 Czechoslovakia
1980 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
1980 Poland
1983 Latvia, Estonia
1986 France, Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
1987 United States of America, Latvia
1990 Greece
1992 Lebanon, Syria
1994 United States of America
1995 Great Britain, France, Spain, Switzerland
1997 Turkey
1998 Argentina
1999 Switzerland (Prize at the Festival International de Montreux)
2001 France, Greece
2003 Australia
2004 Turkey
2005 Lebanon, Syria
2008 United States of America
2009 United States of America
2011 Germany
2012 Argentina, Uruguay, USA
2013 Turkey
2014 Turkey
2015 France
2016 Lebanon
2017 Turkey Order “Ormanian”